BioKem Oil Services

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Head Office

2/217 Logan Road
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
+61 07 3344 0014

ABN  77155205815

Company Profile

BioKem offers a comprehensive service, where our engineers attend onsite, to assist you in achieving your lubricant cleanliness targets, using programs of hot oil flushing, by-pass purification, ESP varnish mitigation or additive packages where required, to rejuvenate oil to better than new standards. BioKem Oil Services, assists customers in achieving maximum equipment reliability and life cycle, and minimising unscheduled downtime. By maintaining OEM target lubricant cleanliness specifications, utilising OIL ANALYSIS and the PROPEL OIL MANAGEMENT system, BioKem meets and exceeds lubricant operating specifications across Australia.

Products and Services

Pre-commissioning asset lubrication
Programmed and scheduled lubricant maintenance.
Varnish detection and mitigation.
Onsite Water and particle contamination correction.
Mobile VDOPS- particle and moisture removal.
ESP- For “state of the art” varnish mitigation.